How to Get the Most Out of Your New Vivo Y73 Mobile Phone


The best budget Android smartphone from Sony Ericsson – the Vivo Y73. With an eye-catching design and a host of useful features, the budget friendly smartphone from Sony Ericsson is sure to cast a spell on the user. It comes loaded with high quality apps – lots of them. Here’s a rundown of the most useful apps in the smartphone. vivo y73

o Photos – This app can be used for shooting pictures. The application allows the user to capture photos using either the primary camera or the shoot mode of the rear camera. There are also multiple apps that help people to share their images on social networking sites. The vivo y73 also allows the user to upload their music collections to the phone, complete with cover songs.

o Gallery – This app allows the users to browse through their digital camera gallery. The Gallery app in the Yonder has various modes, including games, photos, and videos. The vivo y73 has a virtual keyboard as well, which makes it easier to launch multiple apps at once. The camera has a very large, easy to find navigation key on the main screen.

o Gallery – With the Vivo Y73, the possibilities for expanding the functionality of the phone are almost endless. For example, there is a dedicated Gallery app that allows the user to download and view pictures. There is also a Network mode, which provides a means to connect the Vivo Y73 to other smartphones via MMS, Bluetooth, or USB. In this Network mode, the Y Caller will automatically connect to other devices that have this feature activated. There is also a double camera setup, which allows the user to take pictures with one camera and record the same image on the rear camera.

o Funtouch – The funtouch software has been designed by Samsung to allow the user to enjoy the high quality videos and photos taken by the front camera of the Y series. The funtouch software is compatible with the Vivo Y73, but the software can be used on any Vivo smartphone series. With the free downloading of this software, the funtouch interface gives the user an excellent way to enjoy his or her picture moments. The two gigapixel front camera of the Y series is supported with the funtouch software, which gives the user great photo shots.

If you are looking for a feature rich and attractive smartphone that will allow you to enjoy the latest photographic moments, the Vivo Y series from Samsung comes highly recommended. With the memory size of the Y series up to 16GB, there is plenty of space to store all your photo collections. With the free downloading of the funtouch software, the user gets the chance to enjoy the high quality videos and photographs taken by the front camera of the Y series. The 128GB card is also supported with the free downloading of the vivo y73 mobile phone software, giving the user the chance to enjoy his or her picture moments.

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